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About Us

God's Love Center is a home for orphaned or abandoned children. It is based in Sekamaneng, Maseru, Lesotho, in a house built by Lesotho Durham Link, a local NGO connected to Durham in the UK. The house has a boys dormitory and a girls dormitory with bunk beds, a large living area, a kitchen, indoor toilets and showers with water warmed by solar heating system on the roof. Water comes from a borehole, and the house has electricity. For cooking they use gas. A large garden space offers room for play and for growing vegetables.

The founder and director of God's love Center is Neo Motantsi. She started to look after children other than her own two sons when her brother and his wife passed away about 15 years ago leaving 4 children behind. Over the years the number of children has grown a lot, and she has now risen to 57. Mme Neo has gone through a lot of hardship, trying to find funds to make sure there was food for the children, and she has done this with absolutely denying anything for herself. She is totally committed to all children, giving them the best possible life in terms of food, clothes, attention, love, schooling, religion and fun. She is proud of her children and they are very honest, cheerful and helpful.

The center gives shelter to 57 children at the moment. the age of the children varies from 1 year to 22 years old. All children go to school. Most of the children go to the local primary school (Mabote Primary) and 15 go to various secondary schools in the area.

It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” 
 Mother Teresa